Anglin's Pier FAQ

Who owns Anglin’s Pier?

The pier is privately-owned.


What is the status of the repairs to the Pier?

Please review the timeline on our website. 

Click here to view the Anglin’s Pier timeline.


When are the repairs expected to be completed?

The property owner has hired engineers to start the environmental permitting process at the state and federal level, which can take up to two years before work begins to repair the pier.


Is the Pier open to the public?

No, out of concern for everyone’s safety, the pier is currently closed to the public. The only people allowed on the structure are those who are working on behalf of the pier’s owner to gather information required for building applications.


Is the restaurant attached to the Pier open?

Yes, Anglin’s Beach Café is open.


Does the Town plan on buying the Pier?

No. The Town is working through the permit process with the owner and requires the owner to provide updates approximately every three months.


What kind of permits are needed?

Permits are needed from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, Army Corps of Engineers, Broward County, and the Town to rebuild a pier.


How often does the owner update the Town on the repair progress?

The Town requires the pier owner or a representative to attend the Special Magistrate hearings approximately every three months to provide status updates and a timeline for repairs.


Are there fines being accrued?

Yes. Fines are accruing at a rate of $200.00 per day.


What is being done about debris from the Pier?

If another severe weather event occurs and the Pier is damaged, the Town will coordinate with the Pier’s owner to secure the area. Debris will be removed from the shoreline and the water as soon as it is safe to do so.