Anglin's Pier Timeline

NOTE: The pier is privately owned.

Anglin's Fishing Pier is one of the few privately owned piers in the state. Town staff understands the pier’s significance, and have worked through the Special Magistrate process to monitor the code violations. 

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Before the Town has an opportunity to review and comment on construction, a variety of federal, state, and county governmental entities must complete their review and approval of any proposed construction projects.

The below timeline has been published and will be updated as new information becomes available to keep the public informed of the Pier's status.

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  • September- Hurricane Irma first caused extensive damage to the Pier.


  • March- Town issued a notice of violation for maintenance of the Pier. At this time no permit to repair the damage from Hurricane Irma had been applied for.
  • May- Town issued a permit for repair to the Pier.
  • September- Special Magistrate issued a final order giving the Pier owner until March of 2019 to complete repairs or face a fine of $250 per day.


  • March- Fines begin to accrue at a rate of $250 per day.
  • May- Broward County provided license DF-1104. Per the State, the Pier was exempted from licensing requirements.
  • July- Town Building Official issued a stop work order for failure to obtain a waiver or permit from the Federal Corp of Engineers.
  • October- Special Magistrate certified fines in the amount of $53,275 but stayed additional fines until January of 2020.


  • January- Comply by date extend to March of 2020. Previously certified fines were upheld.
  • March- Code Compliance Hearing canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • August- Special Magistrate issued an extension to comply by January 27, 2021. The next hearing will be held on January 28, 2021. The previously accrued certified (but not recorded) fines of $53,275 still upheld.


  • January- The Pier permit remains under review with NOAA and NMFS.
  • October- Special Magistrate required property to submit letter confirming structural safety within 10 days. If not, a fine of $200/day would begin to run until the letter was submitted.
  • November- At the Special Magistrate hearing, the Town presented an engineer's letter stating the portions of the Pier accessible to public patrons are safe for public use. The Magistrate ordered that by January 26, 2022, active work must resume on repairs or a fine of $200 per day will accrue.


  • January- Fines of $200 per day have begun to accrue because active progress on the Pier has not resumed.  
  • November- Storms hit the Pier causing considerable damage to the east half of the structure. The Building Official and Fire Marshal visited the Pier to assess the damage. The Building Official posted the Pier as unsafe and ordered the Pier structure closed, and the electricity was cut. The restaurant and bait shop remained open. The previously issued permit became null and void.
  • December- The Magistrate heard testimony from Pier representatives at an emergency special magistrate hearing on December 9, 2022. The magistrate asked the Town to arrange a meeting to review the Pier safety plan within the next ten business days. All parties agreed.


  • January- Safety plan received.
  • July- Benthic Survey field work was completed.
  • August- Benthic Survey Report was completed.
  • September through November- McLaughlin Engineering conducted survey field work to locate existing pier structure and pilings and surveyed upland property.
  • OctoberThe Project Coordinator stated that the engineers and designers are working on a new design, and he will update the Town when this is done. The Town’s Director of Development Services spoke on the record and requested a timeline for the project from the Project Coordinator by January 18, 2024.
  • December- Pier sustained additional damage due to storms. Fines continue to accrue at a rate of $200 per day. McLaughlin completed survey file for distribution to learn to begin conceptual design of pier.



  • April- ACOE issues public notice for application completeness and to start coordination with NMFS, USFWS.
  • October- FDEP issues public notice for submerged lands lease.


  • April- Anticipated permit issuance by ACOE, FDEP, and BCRED.
  • May- Bidding of pier design to contractors.
  • July- Anticipated construction commencement (estimated two years for construction).