Parking Permits


Effective July 1, Residential Parking Permit fees are reduced by 40 percent until Sept. 30th.

Residents purchasing a Senior Residents Permit must be 65 or older.

Once Town Staff has received and reviewed your resident parking permit application and required documents, you will be contacted regarding payment and when you can pick-up of your permit.

 For the A1A Lot, you will need a Drivers License and Vehicle Registration.

 Overnight parking allowed. You do not need to be a Town resident.

 *For the Bougainvilla Drive Lot permit, you must be a Town resident.

*Restrictions apply

For info on applying for an annual Residential Parking Permit, please visit this page.

Parking Permits Rate Tax Total
Resident (Annual) $60.00 $4.20 $64.20
Senior Resident Discount (Annual) $50.00 $3.50 $53.50
Employee Permit (Monthly) $27 $1.89 $28.89
Hardship (Annual) $324 $22.68 $346.68
*A1A Parking Lot (Monthly) $105 $7.35 $112.35
*Bougainvilla South (Monthly) $85 $5.95 $90.95

*Overnight parking restrictions apply to meters 204 through 216 A and B, Monday through Friday 5:30 p.m. to 8 a.m. and Saturday through Sunday all day.