Solid Waste

Garbage pick-up may now begin at 6 a.m. due to the ongoing extreme heat. 

Like many Broward municipalities, the Town does not have its own in-house waste collection staff. Waste service is provided under a contract between the Town and Waste Pro USA, Inc. Waste Pro has an exclusive franchise to collect:

1. All commercial trash waste.
2. All residential trash/yard waste.
3. All residential recycling.

4. Monthly residential bulk pickup.

Carts and open-top dumpsters used by customers are provided and maintained by Waste Pro as part of the monthly service rate paid by each customer. Compactors are typically owned by the property. Multi-family (MF) properties are defined as residential in the Town’s contract with Waste Pro. This means that MF properties DO NOT currently pay extra for recycling or yard waste containers. All services provided to MF properties are included in the monthly collection rates for MF properties. Commercial Recycling, which applies to business customers only, is voluntary and not covered by the franchise agreement.  

Waste service is provided up to 7 days a week and varies depending on the service needed and whether you are a commercial or residential customer.

Christmas Day is the only holiday observed by the waste industry. When Christmas falls on a day that is a normal CART pickup day, there will be no service on that day. This applies to single-family, duplex, and mutli-family residences. Pickup service will resume on the next regular pickup day.There are no make-up days for customers with carts.

Commercial and residential customers with a DUMPSTER(S) whose normal pickup day falls on Christmas will be serviced the day before or the day after Christmas. For customers whose dumpster(s) are not accessible and must be rolled street-side by staff in order for Waste Pro to pickup, Waste Pro will coordinate with you to determine the best alternate pickup day for you.

There is one exception to the suspension of service on Christmas. Commercial customers who receive daily trash service will get a pickup on Christmas Day.

All regular service will take place on New Year’s Day.

See our bulk trash page for more details about this service.