Common Code Violations

The following are some of the Town’s most common Code Violations, which can also now be reported online by going to the Lauderdale-By-The-Sea Online Citizen Access Portal.

Yard Maintenance

Yard maintenance is the responsibility of each property owner or tenant.


Commercial Vehicles & Equipment/Recreational Vehicles
For the specific regulations related to a location in Town, please call Code Compliance at 954-640-4220

Inoperative Motor Vehicles
Inoperative vehicles must be kept in a fully-enclosed structure. An inoperative vehicle is one that does not display a current license tag and/or is not equipped with all the parts needed to legally and safely operate the vehicle on public roads.

Outdoor Storage

Outdoor storage is prohibited. Any equipment, materials or furnishings that would ordinarily not be used outside may not be stored outside. For example, you may not keep indoor furniture, household appliances or building materials outside.


Commercial Structure Maintenance

Exterior building structures and walls in the Town of Lauderdale-By-The-Sea must be maintained in a secure and attractive manner. All defective structural and decorative elements of such buildings must be replaced or repaired to match as closely as possible the original materials and construction of the building.

Condition of Structures

The maintenance of a home or structure is the responsibility of the property owner or tenant. The following must be maintained in weather-tight, rodent proof, sound condition and in good repair

  • Any wood
  • Ceilings
  • Doors
  • Fences
  • Porches
  • Railings
  • Roof coverings
  • Shingles
  • Siding
  • Walls
  • Windows and screen
  • Other exterior parts of a structure

Building permits for the replacement of items are also required. The property owner or tenant is responsible for maintaining secure windows, doors or other openings that cannot be readily opened from the outside. An owner may need to board up a vacant structure if a break-in occurs. Security boards should be made of an exterior grade plywood painted in a neutral color that blends inconspicuously with the exterior colors of the building.


Parking on private property is permitted in Town for passenger vehicles and motorcycles in residential neighborhoods only on a legal driveway or inside a garage. A driveway or parking area must be built with approved parking surfaces.

There are limits to the size of yard area that can be utilized for a driveway or parking. Check with Code Compliance by calling 954-640-4220 for more info about parking regulations.

Debris, Trash, & Junk

Junk, trash and debris cannot be left in the yard and must be properly disposed.

This includes the following:

  • Appliances
  • Auto parts
  • Building materials
  • Fallen limbs
  • Furniture
  • Tires and trash including cardboard, paper and plastics
  • Tree trimmings

Illegal Signs

Signs, such as real estate signs, in the median, on street poles, or in the public right-of-way are not allowed. General signage without a permit is also not allowed.

Construction Site Maintenance

Construction sites are monitored daily for:

  • Debris
  • Hurricane preparedness during hurricane season
  • Parking issues
  • Right-of-way obstructions
  • Work hours

Spot checks for setback violations and sites not constructed according to approved plans are performed periodically.

Work Without Permits

The following require a building permit prior to construction:

  • Docks and mooring piles
  • Doors
  • Fencing
  • Gazebos
  • Interior and exterior alterations
  • Sheds
  • Windows (exterior)

Building permits for the replacement of items are also required.

Dog Violations

Dogs are not allowed on the beach. When walking a dog in other locations, it is the duty of the dog’s owner to remove excrement. Each person walking a dog must have a bag or receptacle suitable for collecting the excrement.

Prohibited Activities

Most business-related activities are not allowed in residential neighborhoods. The rental of residential units and the operation of a home office without a Business Tax Receipt is also prohibited.

Please call the Code Office at 954-640-4220 for a determination on whether a proposed business would qualify for a Home Occupation License.

Illegal Dwelling Units

Dwelling units added on to the interior or exterior of a building without permits violate the law, regardless of when they were constructed, and must be removed.

Beach Violations

Sea turtle lighting, dogs on the beach, and not removing beach furniture after allotted hours are violation.