Meet the Founders

Melvin Anglin

Melvin Anglin, who is of British and Irish descent and originally from Gary Indiana, is credited with founding the Town. Anglin was a contractor and real estate investor by trade and was married to Sarah Anglin. Melvin and Sarah Anglin had two daughters, Fay Lundsford and Margaret Demko. Anglin's Pier is named after him in honor of his contributions to LBTS.

Glen Friedt

Glen Friedt and his wife Lucy were one of the earliest families who settled in LBTS and owned one of the only phones in town. They're credited with much of the initial construction that developed the Town, including digging the north/south trench that brought drinking water in from Fort Lauderdale. They also developed a trust fund to help defray the annual shortage of monies needed to operate the Community Presbyterian Church

Arthur and Dorothy Seavers

In addition to the Friedt family, Arthur and Dorothy Seavers are responsible for the residential development on the marshland west of Poinciana Street and east of the Intracoastal. But that's not all, Dorothy was one of the founding members of the Women's Club.

Harry Evertz

Development was a huge part of the Town's growth early on. Harry and Darlene Evertz was one of the other major players who are responsible for building at least 50 homes in the Silver Shores neighborhood.

Clarence and Geraldine Murphy

What's a town without fresh food? Clarence and Geraldine Murphy brought fresh vegetables, fruits, and groceries to town when they opened The Market Basket.