STEP 3: Complete/Submit Your Online Permit Application

Now that you have created your online accounts and are ready to submit your permit application, you can log in to the CAP Online Permit Application and Inspections portal below.

If you believe you are entitled to expedited processing of an application for a building permit or development order, please advise the Town upon submission of the application of the statutory basis entitling it to expedited processing. The Town shall give applications for building permits or development orders that are entitled to expedited processing first priority and applicants may expect that such applications will be reviewed and processed quicker than other applications.

Click here for more info on the CAP Online Permit Application and Inspections.

In this portal, you will find data fields for you to complete with permit application information such as property address and folio, property owner, job description, job value, owner/builder, contractors, the permit type(s), and other required information. You can also send emails to our clerks and request inspections in this portal.  

Please note that no documents can be uploaded to this portal (document uploads are in Step 4). Once your applications are complete, you will be directed to the CAP On-Line Permit Document Upload and File portal.