The Town's Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) highlights the major projects identified by the Town Commission and staff as needing to be completed over the next five years. The most common examples of capital projects, often referred to as infrastructure, include road, park and drainage improvements, sewer system upgrades, building maintenance or any other project involving either new construction or the expansion, renovation or replacement of existing Town structures or facilities.

Capital Improvement projects help keep the Town operating efficiently by either maintaining or improving the quality-of-life for Town residents, visitors and business owners. In Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, CIP projects can range in cost from $10,000 to several million dollars. All CIP projects are funded through the Town's Capital Improvement Plan Budget, which is approved by the Town Commission as part of its annual budget in September. A Capital Improvement project upgrades or creates a Town capital asset. A Public Works truck is considered a capital asset; so is a new building or structure, such as our downtown bathrooms. As such, they differ from a routine operating expense, such as paying a light bill or salaries for Town employees.

Coral Reef SculpturePerhaps the Town's biggest CIP project occurred in 2012, when the Town made significant plaza, drainage, parking, and landscape improvements along Commercial Boulevard between the beach and the Intracoastal Waterway, including the 18-foot coral reef entryway sculpture (see photos). The $6 million award-winning streetscape project was credited with helping to revitalize Anglin's Square, our oceanfront entertainment district, as well as the business plazas west of State Road A1A.

Offsite Roof Replacement$331,000
Canal Dredging$380,000
Pedestrian/ADA Improvements/Crosswalks$75,000
Finance Software $50,000
Friedt Park Playground Improvement$700,000
Storm Water Rate Study$60,000
Downtown Commercial Refurbishment$1.2 million
Codrington Drive Complete Streets$1.7 million
Jarvis Hall A/V Equipment Upgrades$165,000
FY 2023 CIP Projected Total$4,661,000

Offsite Roof Replacement                                                                     


As indicated in the FY21 inspection, the offsite building roof is deteriorated and needs to be replaced. The estimate for the replacement of this roof is $350,000, which completes the replacement of Town Hall building roofs. Work to the roof has been completed under budget at a cost of $304,560.


Canal Dredging (Phase 1)                                                                       


Removal of sediment from canals. This is the First year of a two-year project. The costs associated with securing a permit for this work were borne in the FY21 CIP and the first phase of dredging was included in FY22 CIP and moved into FY23 due to permitting delays. Dredging for the year has been completed, 3 out of the 4 canals that required dredging have been completed. The remaining canal is proposed to be addressed in FY24. 


Pedestrian/ADA Improvements (Phase 2) 


The Town completed a Pedestrian Study in 2020 that highlighted areas in which the pedestrian infrastructure could be improved to enhance the pedestrian experience. During FY23 we will continue to focus on improving crosswalks. 


Finance Software


This funding continues the implementation of new finance software and other associated modules.


Friedt Park Playground Improvement


The Friedt Park playground has not been improved since 2014. The equipment is deteriorating due to age and environment. Shade is limited, and the park does not meet current ADA requirements for play surfaces. A resident committee is being formed and it is anticipated that construction will begin in Fall.


Stormwater Rate Study


The Storm Water Master Plan laid out approximately $20,000,000 in storm water improvements over the next 20 years. Staff recommends completing a rate study in order to determine whether a storm water fee should be used to help offset these costs. This study has been moved to FY24.


Downtown Refurbishment


Enhancement of the existing downtown area to provide wider pedestrian walkways, refreshed sidewalk dining areas, hardscape and landscape. This project is slated to begin later this summer. 


Codrington Drive Complete Streets Project


This project provides for stormwater mitigation, new landscaping, and roadway improvements to Codrington Drive. This project is currently underway and anticipated to be completed in the fall. 


Jarvis Hall A/V Equipment Upgrades


The equipment in Jarvis Hall is beginning to fail. As this equipment was installed over time, the operations of these systems were not designed to work on similar platforms. The Commission began the improvements with a $30,000 allocation in FY22 to replace some of the malfunctioning audio equipment. We propose to continue the replacement of outdated equipment to streamline the process and allow for the efficient operation of the equipment. In addition to this the wiring will be cleaned and labeled, cameras and speakers will be evaluated and the voting system replaced. This should ensure smooth operations during Town Meetings and enhance the viewing experience. The equipment has been ordered and installation is anticipated to begin in late summer/early fall.