Tennis Courts

Tennis and Pickleball Court Rules

The Town's tennis and pickleball courts are located at Friedt Family Park, behind Town Hall. Court keys are available for purchase in Town Hall to town residents and property owners. Courts are open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Guests must be accompanied by a key holder.

Court Rules:

  1. Courts are for tennis and pickleball play only.
  2. Tennis and pickleball players assume all responsibility and liability for their use of the courts.
  3. Persons waiting to play must stay outside the tennis and pickleball courts.
  4. Courts are available on a first-come, first-served basis with all parties present. No court reservations are allowed.
  5. From November through April until 11 a.m., doubles play (two pairs) has priority when people are waiting.
    1. Tennis: Please limit play to a mini-set of the first team to win 3 games or no more than 1 hour or 1.5 hours when others are waiting. The tie-breaker is played when the score is tied 2-2 and decided when a team wins 7 points by 2 or more points. A rotation among players is encouraged.
    2. Pickleball: Please limit play to one set of 11 points or no more than 1 hour for singles and 1.5 hours for doubles when others are waiting.
  6. Tennis or soft-soled shoes are required.
  7. Offensive or rude behavior (or rule violations) may result in your being suspended from using the courts.
  8. The safety of all players is top priority:
    1.  No more than four balls per court when both courts are in use.
    2. No sitting or leaning on court nets or posts.
    3.  Glass containers are strictly prohibited.
  9. Only children playing tennis or pickleball are allowed on courts. Children 12 and under must be supervised.
  10. Paid tennis or pickleball lessons may be given only be a Town-approved instructor.
  11. If both courts are available, tennis players should use the tennis-only court.

Tennis Court Key Rates 2023

Tennis Key Annual $120
Jan. 15 $120
Prorated Feb. 15 $110
Prorated March 15
Prorated April 15
Prorated May 15
Prorated June 15
Prorated July 15
Prorated Aug. 15
Prorated Sept. 15
Prorated Oct. 15
Prorated Nov. 15 $20
Prorated Dec. 15 $10