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Lien Inquiry Request

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  2. Lien Inquiry Form

  3. Please include all information requested below with payment in the amount of $50.00 (per folio number) and an e-mail address in which to return inquiries. Incomplete forms will be returned unprocessed. Allow 7 to 10 business days for completion. Rush inquiries can be requested with a payment of $150 and will be returned within 3 business days. 

    Please bring payment to Town Hall (4505 N. Ocean Drive).

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  5. This search includes only those fines/liens related to code enforcement and open building permits. Utility liens are not included in the Town’s search. Contact your local utility company, as well as the trash collection company, for any unpaid utility fees at the number listed below. 

    • City of Fort Lauderdale (Water/Sewer) (954) 828-5150 
    • City of Pompano Beach (Water/Sewer) (954) 786-4637 
    • WastePro of Florida (Garbage) (954) 633-2530
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